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When I was a Senior in high school, I was voted "Most Likely to Become a Bag Lady" - true story - because I spent A LOT of time shopping and could almost always be counted on to have a shopping bag on or near me. After graduating from my class of roughly 50 and moving on to the city, my first job was, where else? The mall! I recall my store manager commenting that I never came from break without a shopping bag in my hands...Seems like it was destiny, right? Ironically, it was never my dream to own a boutique! What? You say?  Yeppers! I was a corporate gal all the way! Twenty five plus years in corporate roles, primarily working with international not-for-profits. While I very much enjoyed that portion of my career life, the hours and the time on the road (air) was taking a lot away from my family and become more and more unfulfilling. I decided to pursue my insurance and retirement planning brokers licenses and go to work for ME.

I began doing furniture rehab and makeovers as therapy for myself (my dad was a third generation wood worker) and it grew into a side business which I supplemented with clothing and gift items. My love of travel led me to start a mobile boutique and I traveled with a trailer and was a finalist for "Mobile Boutique of the Year" my first year out. I began making big plans for year two - then a life changing health incident stopped me in my tracks for over 6 months. When I began to come back, I knew I had to create a "new normal" for my business. For me, that involved finding a brick and mortar space in a historic building in the heart of my downtown suburb.

~ Mama Winky's was born!